The QuikCheck™ fFN test

Introduction to QuikCheck fFN test1

The QuikCheck fFN test is an alternative visual-read fFN test for non-U.S. hospitals that cannot use the analyzer-read Rapid fFN test due to unreliable electricity or other resource constraints. QuikCheck is CE-marked, but is not FDA approved. QuikCheck is less precise than the analyzer-read Rapid fFN test but is still useful in triage locations where using the Rapid fFN analyzer-read test is not possible.

A 10-minute visual-read test consisting of:

  • Sterile polyester-tipped applicator
  • Sample extractor buffer
Extractor Buffer
  • fFN test strip

Test limitations:

  • Visual-read test must be read at exactly 10 minutes
  • Only for the qualitative detection of fetal fibronectin in cervicovaginal secretions; does not provide a quantitative fFN result
  • Specimens must be collected prior to digital examination or manipulation of the cervix
  • No printed test result
  • No storage of patient test results

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Predict preterm labor with safe, non-invasive fFN testing.

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