Ordering, collecting and running the Rapid fFN® test

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In-Service Presentation

For new nurses and residents, or just for a refresher, a recorded Rapid fFN® in-service presentation is accessible at your convenience. The presentation is approximately 15 minutes long, and also includes a quick 5-question true/false quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

How to collect an fFN specimen1

Collect specimen prior to digital examination or manipulation of the cervix to avoid sample contamination.

Step 1

During speculum exam, lightly rotate swab across posterior fornix of the vagina for 10 seconds to absorb cervicovaginal secretions.

Step 2

Remove swab and immerse tip in buffer. Break the shaft at the score even with the top of the tube.

Step 3

Align the shaft with the hole inside the tube cap and push down tightly over shaft, sealing tube; ensure shaft is aligned to avoid leakage. Send fetal fibronectin sample to a lab near you.

For accurate results, be sure to follow these instructions and see package insert:

  • The specimen should be collected prior to a digital cervical exam, collection of culture specimens or vaginal probe ultrasound exams.
  • Do not contaminate the swab or specimen with lubricant, soaps, disinfectants or creams.
  • Do not test if patient has moderate or gross vaginal bleeding, advanced cervical dilation (3 cm or greater), rupture of membranes or suspected or known placental abruption or placenta previa.
  • If patient has had sex in the prior 24 hours:
    • A negative result is still valid
    • A positive result may not be valid and should be confirmed > 24 hours

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How to run the Rapid fFN® test

The Rapid fFN® for the TLiIQ System is an FDA-approved device for in-vitro diagnostics.2 The system offers multiple advantages that make it easy to incorporate testing into your clinical protocol.


  • Single-use dry chemistry cassette
  • Calibration code for each cassette lot eliminates daily liquid calibration
  • Automatic internal quality control of analyzer and cassette with each patient test
  • Easy-to-read quality control and test results

Convenient quality control

  • The QCette® verifies analyzer performance is within specification
  • Does not expire and is reusable
  • Is pre-calibrated for quick and easy use
  • Returns results in 3 minutes

Walk-away instrumentation

Total operator time is less than 60 seconds per test.3

Step 1

Run the TLiIQ QCette®

Step 2

Enter the patient information.

Step 3

Dispense specimen into the Rapid fFN® Cassette well.

Step 4

Press ENTER and walk away.

Step 5

Results ready in less than 30 minutes.

How to install and verify the Rapid fFN TLiIQ Analyzer

To set up and install your TLiIQ System, complete Daily QC, run positive/negative controls and for patient testing instructions, watch the TLiIQ Installation Video above or use the link below to download installation instructions.

To verify your TLiIQ System using the Clinical Correlation Kit, watch the CCK Verification Video above or use the link below to download verification instructions.

fFN billing information

The following codes are used for fFN testing.

CPT code for fetal fibronectin:

  • 82731

ICD-10 codes for labor and delivery:

  • 644: Early or threatened labor
  • 644.0: Threatened labor
  • 644.1: Early onset of delivery

Hologic, Inc. provides these coding guidelines for informational purposes only. These guidelines are not an affirmative instruction as to which CPT/HCPCS codes to use for a particular study or test. It is the provider’s/laboratory’s responsibility to determine and submit the appropriate codes for any study or test rendered. Actual codes and/or modifiers used are at the sole discretion of the provider/laboratory. Contact your local carrier and payer organizations for specific coding guidelines. Hologic, Inc. cannot guarantee medical benefit coverage or reimbursement with the codes listed in this guide. Reimbursement may differ based on geographic regional variance and/or policies and fee schedules outlined as terms in your health plan, payer, and/or carrier contracts.

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